Phygital fashion designer, IZY Studio

Zarina IZY is a creative force to be reckoned with, leading the charge towards a more sustainable, ethical, and technologically advanced fashion industry. As the founder of IZY Studio, a phygital fashion brand, she has made waves with her visionary approach to design and innovation. Zarina possesses a remarkable ability to anticipate emerging trends and incorporate new technologies into her designs. In 2020 she became one of the pioneers in NFTs and blockchain technologies. She has been invited to NFT exhibitions in UAE, Europe and the United States. Her artwork has been sent to space, circled the globe, and beamed back to Earth. The founder of IZY Studio believes that digital fashion is a blessing for designers, allowing them to live a location-independent life and work from anywhere in the world. Her success in the digital space has been impressive, with IZY Studio winning many prizes and contests, including 1st place for AR garment creation, 1st place for 3D fashion animation and The Best Digital Designer Award at Uzbekistan Fashion Week. Zarina has dressed some of the biggest icons in the industry, including Daniella Loftus, a digital fashion influencer and Regina Turbina, founder of Artisant.