CEO at Luxochain

Entrepreneur, ranging from Blockchain projects, creation of commercial networks, recruitment, marketing & management consulting, up to Real Estate operations. Co-Founder & CEO at Luxochain.io, Icobooster.io, Fintech.Review, Co-Founder & Board Member at One4.eu and One4-ti.ch, Digitalidentity.tech, Swiss4living.com and Comedil.ch, Partner at Iconium .it, Epico.com, Advisor at Eidoo.io, Xriba.com, Ubiatarplay.io, Noku.io, Coinshare.com, Luxochain.io. My Hobby? My job is my favorite hobby, I think I'm a lucky person for this. My second hobby is to travel the world with family and dedicate myself to the growth of my daughters. From 2014 I moved to Lugano, Switzerland, together with my family. I am married, with two daughters, I believe that respect and the safeguard of values ​​is the basis of personal and business success. The future? The Smart Contract systems, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies represent the new challenge on the market, we are at the beginning of a new era, and with our companies we want to be a first level player on the international scene, pioneers of this new global R-Evolution.